Aim of the Spearwood Progress Association

The aim of the Spearwood Progress Association is simply to make Spearwood a better place to live, work and visit.

The Spearwood Progress Association is a new group, formed in 2018. We encourage all members of the community to become involved and help improve Spearwood.

We want the residents of Spearwood to have a wonderful, safe place to live, with facilities and events relevant to all residents. We recognise the needs of those who come into our suburb to work, supporting and operating all the businesses, shops and institutions. We encourage visitors to our suburb to enjoy the parks, facilities and shopping, attend the schools, institutions and functions and to engage with others in Spearwood.

The Spearwood Progress Association works to safeguard the unique local environmental systems, the parkland, built environment and the streetscapes of Spearwood.  We aim to build stronger, safer, friendlier, more inclusive communities and will hold fun events to encourage people to meet neighbours and enjoy the suburb more.

The Spearwood Progress Association is an inclusive organisation that respects the different skills, experiences and opinions of others. We work collaboratively with each other, the people of Spearwood and the City of Cockburn to make Spearwood a better place. We actively work to address local concerns on behalf of the Spearwood community.

Spearwood will soon be undergoing some major changes, including the refurbishment of Rockingham Road, revitalisation of shopping areas and the movement of the City of Cockburn’s main civic and administrative functions out of the suburb. These changes bring the promise of updated, better and more varied facilities for Spearwood, but also challenges in ensuring the best outcome for the Spearwood community. The Spearwood Progress Association will be involved in these consultations and will work towards building a better suburb.

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