Why wetlands?

Western Australia is the driest State in the driest continent on Earth. However we still have some of the most important wetlands in the world. These are the survivors of what was once an extensive and beautiful natural ecosystem. Previous generations of Western Australians failed to appreciate the beauty and importance of our wetlands and they set about draining and filling them in the name of progress. Now we have less than 20% of the original wetlands left on the Swan Coastal Plain and the situation is even worse in the agricultural region.

Those that remain are important for many reasons including:

  • habitat for flora and fauna
  • sites for recreation, education and research
  • enhancement of the landscape.

Wetlands are fascinating and beautiful places which deserve to be protected and conserved for their special qualities.

Since 1985 the Wetlands Conservation Society has been educating, restoring and campaigning for the conservation of our remaining wetlands.

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