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Cockburn Community Groups

The City of Cockburn has a large variety of community groups and not-for-profit organisations that support different interests. To find out more about the groups listed on this site, visit the home page. If you are looking for a group that is not included on this site, try searching for them on the Cockburn Community Directory.

City of Cockburn Community Development Team

The City of Cockburn Community Development Team works with community members, volunteers and not-for-profits organisations to support and contribute to a community in which people feel a sense of belonging and connection. The team can provide information and support in the areas of volunteering, community development and community engagement.

Support for not-for-profits

The City of Cockburn Community Development Team offers a range of assistance to not-for-profit organisations, including:

  • Community Project Support Program
  • Community networking events
  • Free event equipment hire
  • Cockburn Community Insurance Program
  • Promotional opportunities for not-for-profit groups

For more information, visit the Service for Not-For-Profits page on the City of Cockburn website.

Activities and events

The City of Cockburn Community Development Team host a range of activities and events to connect the community and make Cockburn a great place to live. 

See What’s On for more information on events in Cockburn.

Funding opportunities

A variety of grants are provided by the City of Cockburn:

  • Small Events Sponsorship 
  • Cockburn Community Grants
  • Sustainability Grants
  • Alcoa Cockburn Community Projects Fund
  • Fremantle Ports Cockburn Community Projects Fund

For more information, visit the Funding Opportunities page on the City of Cockburn website. 

Training opportunities

The City of Cockburn Community Development Team organises a variety of workshops for community and not-for-profit organisations throughout the year.

To find out about upcoming workshops, visit What's On.

If you have any suggestions on interesting topics, please contact us

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