Aubin Grove is a great suburb, made up of about 2000 households. 

Activities organised by the association aim at facilitating community, and building strong neighbourhoods in which the residents feel connected to each other.

The objects of the Association are-

a.  To develop an innovative, inclusive community

b.  To develop a strong sense of belonging, and

c.  To promote pride in our neighbourhood

Many of our activities are generously supported by Cockburn City Council grants. 

From time to time, some funds are generated at functions and activities, and this income is used to fund or subsidise other Community Asssociation ventures. 

Who's who?

Our Community Association is led by a management committee, made up of 

  • President - Jamie Ball
  • Vice President - Geoff Webb
  • Secretary: Debra De Groot
  • Treasurer: Johny Chugh
  • Committee Members: Sue Meagher & Lara Kirkwood

Membership of the association currently stands at about 100 households. You can find out more about membership page of this website.

Aubin Grove & Neighbourhood Watch

The Aubin Grove Community participates in the Neighbourhood Watch program. This is a program to help neighbours watch out for neighbours.

Neighbourhood Watch is a method of reducing crime by encouraging us to learn how to recognise and report suspicious activity in our neighbourhood, and how to make our home less inviting as a target for thieves. It is also a good way to start conversations in our community and build safe, strong, caring, connected and happy communities! 

Getting involved is easy. It is as simple as getting to know our neighbours and exchanging contact information.

There is more information on Neighbourhood Watch Website  

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  • Twilight markets
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